Season Of Hope

Allison Charney and Donna Weng Friedman with The March of the Women Ensemble

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Thursday, February 11th


7:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST

In Episode 6, series host, soprano Allison Charney will be joined by pianist Donna Weng Friedman who will discuss and perform works by Clara Schumann, Florence Price, Chopin, and living composer Beata Moon. In conjunction with HER/MUSIC;HER/STORY, co-founded by Weng Friedman and Charney, they will also pre-form Ethel Smyth‘s anthem of the Suffrage movement –  The March of the Women – in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment and the 55th anniversary of the signing in to law of The Voting Rights Act of 1965. For this special presentation, they will be joined by cellist Soo Bae, sopranos Yunah Lee and Indira Mahajan, and mezzo-sopranos Layna Chiankas, Krysty Swann, and Maria Zifchak.

PREFORMANCES: Season of Hope is featured among the following Centennial Celebrations! Visit the sites below for even more events and ways to celebrate!

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Musical Selections:

Donna Weng Friedman:

Prelude/Beata Moon

Waltz in C# minor, op. 64, no. 2/Chopin

Donna Weng Friedman with Allison Charney:

Er ist gekommen/Clara Schumann

Night/Florence Price

Donna Weng Friedman with cellist Soo Bae; sopranos Allison Charney, Yunah Lee, Indira Mahajan; mezzo-sopranos Layna Chianakas, Krysty Swann, Maria Zifchak:

The March of the Women/Ethel Smyth

Allison Charney and Craig Ketter

Zuiegnung/R. Strauss

In its pre-pandemic live incarnation – the innovative classical concert series PREFORMANCES with Allison Charney invited audiences to experience celebrated classical musicians in anticipation of their upcoming engagements on the world’s most prestigious stages. When live classical music had all but stopped, thus curtailing any upcoming engagements, acclaimed opera singer and series founder and host, Allison Charney, asked the existential question: If classical musicians are playing music but there’s no one there to hear it, have they really made music?
Her answer:  Not without an audience.

Enter PREFORMANCES™: Season of Hope presented by NYC’s historic Town Hall

In this seven-episode concert and conversation series, we continue the PREFORMANCES™ mission of blurring the traditional barriers which exist between classical musicians and their audiences by providing an intimate and personal glimpse into top-level artists’ practices along with our signature “un-Google-able” insights – all with a focus on the series’ theme of hope. In addition, Allison and her guests will perform multiple virtually-recorded musical selections on each episode.

All episodes are available on YouTube and as a podcast on iTunes and Spotify.