Season Of Hope

Allison Charney, Eriko Sato & David Oei with Ionel Petroi

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Thursday, February 4th


7:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST

The husband-wife duo of violinist Eriko Sato and pianist David Oei join series host, soprano Allison Charney in Episode 5 of Season of Hope, discussing and performing works by Dvorak, Brahms, Korngold and living composer Ionel Petroi, while exploring the theme of hope.

Musical Selections:

Eriko Sato and David Oei:

March of the Watch

Garden Scene – both from Much Ado About Nothing for violin and piano/Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Eriko Sato and David Oei with Allison Charney:

Songs My Mother Taught Me/Dvorak


Eriko Sato and David Oei:

Gipsy Sadness for violin and piano/Ionel Petroi

Gipsy Djumbus/Ionel Petroi

Allison Charney with Craig Ketter:

Zuiegnung/R. Strauss

In its pre-pandemic live incarnation – the innovative classical concert series PREFORMANCES with Allison Charney invited audiences to experience celebrated classical musicians in anticipation of their upcoming engagements on the world’s most prestigious stages. Now that live classical music has all but stopped, thus curtailing any upcoming engagements, acclaimed opera singer and series founder and host, Allison Charney, asks the existential question: If classical musicians are playing music but there’s no one there to hear it, have they really made music?
Her answer:  Not without an audience.

Enter PREFORMANCES: Season of Hope!

In these half-an-hour long episodes, Charney continues the PREFORMANCES mission of blurring the traditional barriers which exist between classical musicians and their audiences by providing an intimate and personal glimpse into top-level artists’ practices along with her signature “un-Google-able” insights – all with a focus on the series’ theme of hope. In addition, Allison and her guests will perform multiple musical selections on each episode. New episodes will air every other Tuesday night and be made available the following morning on the PREFORMANCES website, as well as in podcast form on iTunes and Spotify.

Throughout its previous eleven seasons, PREFORMANCES With Allison Charney has presented over 100 of the preeminent musicians of our time. Notable appearances include those by New York Philharmonic Music Director Alan Gilbert, Metropolitan Opera stars William Burden and Maria Zifchak, “Queen of the Flute,” Carol Wincenc, violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins of Broadway’s “Fiddler on the Roof” fame, and concert pianists Joel Fan and Navah Perlman, just to name a few. In addition, the series has presented new classical works by composers such as Michael Ching, Moshe Knoll, Mary Ellen Childs, Russell Platt and Kim D. Sherman. Live concerts typically run an hour and a half, with no intermission.

PREFORMANCES with Allison Charney embraces artists, audiences and music of all backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations and world-views. PREFORMANCES denounces racism and bigotry of any kind. We stand committed to equality, diversity, accessibility and combatting injustice; anything less is unacceptable.